Cabinet of Curiosities 1

Starlings murmur out of cover
breath made visible on the air;
a stutter, recover, fetch, inflect
the sky with your feint-jive.

Dive as one without a leader,
above me conjuring song to prayer,
rippling swarm fleeing stillness,
fluid in the sky to bide.

Image (c) Pixaby.

4 thoughts on “Cabinet of Curiosities 1

    1. Thanks Andrea; I must confess I’ve always wanted to see one — I know it would be one of those encounters I’d never forget.

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  1. There’s so much in a few words here. The phrases are so expressive – all conjuring a ‘song to prayer’. The old piers at Brighton and Hove used to be great places to see these murmurations, but, sadly, there are fewer than in past years. Maybe with some colder weather they will return in force again!

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